Why I Choose Wysong Products


Wysong Facts

  • FRESH, WHOLE, ORGANIC: Fresh, whole, human-grade ingredients, organic, and non-GMO as available – not just pre-rendered by-products and grain fractions. 
  • FRESH:  Fresh meats, whole ingredients as starting materials – not just inexpensive, preprocessed food fractions that are nutrient depleted and aged.
  • GENETICALLY MATCHED:  Designed to mimic archetypal carnivore diets – not just grain diluted foods with meat flavorings.
  • NATURAL FORM:  An emphasis on naturally complexed nutrients – not just isolated synthetics or food fractions.
  • SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: Whole grains and legumes specially bred to increase nutrient content and decrease anti-nutritional factors – not genetically modified, fractionated flours or meals, stripped of most of their nutritional value.
  • FATTY ACID BALANCE:  High in essential fatty acids, including omega-3’s for immune, skin, and coat health – not processed, improperly balanced, altered, potentially toxic or destroyed fatty acids. 
  • ENZYMES:   As present in all natural foods – no heat-processed food devoid of inherent enzymes resulting in digestive and pancreatic distress.
  • PROBIOTIC CULTURES:  Living microorganism cultures to create intestinal balance and health, plus oligosaccharides to promote probiotic growth – not food devoid of living elements creating increased vulnerability to pathogens.
  • VITAMINS AND MINERALS:  In their most bioavailable forms, with pepper extract to increase absorption by as much as 250% – not singular, improperly balanced, poorly bioavailable synthetics.
  • PHYTONUTRIENTS:  An array of antioxidants, phytonutrients, immune stimulants, and metabolic enhancers from fresh plant sources – not disregard for the weight of scientific evidence proving their benefits.
  • AGE NONSPECIFIC:  Highly palatable, naturally balanced for pets at all life stages – not artificially manipulated to meet arbitrary age parameters.
  • GENTLE:  Easily tolerated by allergic companion animals – not fractionated ingredients, additives, and synthetics often resulting in adverse reactions.
  • SYNERGISTIC:  Designed to be freely rotated for variety and maximum nutrition – not touted as a mythical “100% complete” diet to be fed indefinitely. 
  • ADDITIVE-FREE:  Freedom from non-nutritional ingredients – not additives merely to create color, texture, taste, smell, stool consistency, or shelf life.
  • NATURAL PRESERVATION:  Natural Wysong OxherpholTM antioxidant; Nutri-pakTM oxygen and light barrier packaging; fats and oils purged of oxygen by special processing – not synthetic preservatives and permeable packaging permitting nutrient degradations by oxygen and light.
  • NUTRITION-FIRST PROCESSING:  Specialized processing to protect fragile nutrients – not production only to maximize production rate and profitability.
  • OPTIMAL NUTRITION:  Specifically designed to mimic archetypal diets and hence optimize health – not simply meet minimum regulatory standards to make a minimum “100% complete” claim.
  • VALUE:  On a nutrition and health per pound basis, there is no better value than Wysong.  The proof is simple – Wysong Works!