Sue Butler K9 Training Information

Why Use Interactive Toys?

 Using interactive toys will help release physical and mental energy.  Excess of these energies may cause your pet to seek out other activities which may be seen as destructive or annoying to a human.  Such activities could be destructive chewing, barking, digging, difficulty learning.......and the list goes on and on.

Dogs need exercise and attention daily.  A 15 minute walk or a 10 minute game of fetch will not be enough for most dogs.  Add in a few sessions with interactive toys throughout the day to go along with the walk and you will see a happy and content pup.  Of course don't forget a good daily massage and loving attention.

The toys you see on my site are interactive toys that I have tested on my own pups.  I recommend to use an interactive toy 1 to 4 times a day depending on each individual dogs needs.  Remember to take away from your dog's daily meal if you are using a toy that involves food to help maintain a healthy weight.  When using toys such as the Kong, I recommend using small amounts of healthy foods in them such as yogurt, quality dog food and veggies.  If you purchase a Kong product I can email you a list of other ingredients to stuff them with.  

With all toys, make sure you watch your dog the first few times while she works on it to make sure it is the correct style and size so it is safe.