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Pet Inoculant

Wysong Pet Inoculant is an orally-dosed concentration of probiotic cultures and immunoglobulins. 

There is a universe of life within the digestive tract. Microorganisms populate the intestines and colon in numbers 10 times greater than the total number of cells in the body itself - over 10 billion per gram of stool. One half the dry weight of stools is microorganisms. This population of organisms is being increasingly found to have profound effects on health. There is a delicate balance, however, between those organisms which contribute to health in assisting digestion, synthesizing nutrients, and inhibiting cancer-causing biochemicals, for example - and those which can cause disease. Beneficial (probiotic) organisms in the diet can help rebalance the digestive tract.

Wysong Pet Inoculant is an orally dosed concentration of probiotic cultures and immunoglobulins. The probiotic cultures have been selected for their specific health enhancing activity in pets as well as for their competitive inhibition of pathogenic E. coli bacteria. Each cc contains 200 million CFU of four bacterial species. Additionally, Pet Inoculant contains fractions from cow first milk which is rich in colostrum antibodies. Pet Inoculant is designed to be used at birth, weaning, in conjunction with antibiotic therapy, and during any stressful condition.

Sue's comment.." I can not believe how well this product works. I have used it on my 14 year old lab when he was feeling his age.  After I gave it to him one night when I thought he was at his end of his life, the next morning he was back to normal.  Happy and full of energy."